Zahna Announces Licensing Agreement with Christian Film "Worthy," Spanish Song Crossover

On Sunday, January 20th, Zahna announced via social media pages her new licensing agreement of her hit single “Underneath” with upcoming inspirational Christian Film Worthy. The Hispanic singer explained that the song, along with a translated version sung in Spanish (“Lo Más Oculto En Mí,”) will also be featured on the film’s soundtrack. Zahna has not yet confirmed if the Spanish version of “Underneath” will be released before the film is featured, however, fans expressed great excitement at the concept of crossover songs in Spanish. “Lo Más Oculto En Mí,” will be the singer’s first bilingual release. Other confirmed artists for the soundtrack include Brazillian Christian Superstar Ana Paola Valadao Bessa, and up-and-coming American female Rock artists Meg Hudson (Drive Thru Society) and Jennifer Benson (Ignsecent.)

The film, directed by Bruce R. Snyder, is about a Catholic priest, Father Matthew Martin (played by Cory Kays) struggling to keep his faith amidst family conflict, life crisis, and spiritual warfare. Zahna expressed how she believed “Underneath,” its lyrics dealing with many of these mature issues, was a perfect fit for the film. Worthy is currently in pre-production, and is set to release globally in early 2020.

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