Zahna Debuts Music Video for Single "Underneath"

Zahna released her new debut music video for her hit single "Underneath" early this morning via NewReleaseToday. According to the article, Zahna explains the symbolism behind the video alludes to many strong Christian principles. The singer comments:

"With Underneath, I wanted to go with the color scheme of black and white to visually symbolize morality and represent right vs. wrong (white meaning “right” and black representing “wrong”). Often times, knowing full well the difference between good and evil, we as human beings feel comfortable staying within the “gray” by following our own selfish desires, self-righteousness and our own moral compass. However, this not only skews our ability to see truth in color about ourselves,  but hinders and blinds us to our need for a savior to rescue us from our own wickedness. If we are separated from our savior, Jesus Christ, we are nothing but barren branches, dead inside, for apart from Christ we can do nothing (John 15:5). The black paint represents our own wickedness we are born into and choose the very moment we enter this world. If we allow ourselves to be covered in this darkness, and treasure secret sin above holiness, freedom, and forgiveness, we also choose to stay slaves to our own sin and give way for it to subdue us, for “wherever your treasure is, your heart will also be” (Matt 6:21). Instead of repenting and turning to God to save us, we simply suppress the evil versions of ourselves until the relentless mirror of truth come and confronts us of the reality." -NewReleaseToday

Watch the video by clicking here.

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