Zahna Announces New Music Video Trailer (With Release Date)

On October 4th, Zahna released a teaser video of black empty tree branches, dripping black sap, and hinted an upcoming release related to her latest billboard charting single "Underneath,"  that captioned, 

"10/17/17. UNDERNEATH. Barren Branches. (John 15:5-8) #teaser #thevine #thebranches #underneath #newreleasetoday #thisiszahna."

Just a few days later, the Hard Rock singer confirmed the teaser was one part of her two-part video announcement that Underneath's Official Music video would be premiering October 17th, '17.  The second teaser released featured a cinematic and thrilling clip of the featured sort-film, where Zahna stands curiously in front of a mirror, only to see a peculiar and menacing form appear instantly instead of her own reflection. The Music video is said to premier exclusively on Christian Music News' powerhouse's, and fans can check out the official Trailer for Underneath's music video, here

Tune into on 10/17/17 to visually experience "Underneath."